Yesterday, I decided to unplug from all my “feeds” for the afternoon. It was a brilliant day and the glow of a device screen didn’t make for an interesting view. In fact, I thought a lot about how I connected with my world.  Or more importantly, how I disconnected from my world. Spending hours in front of a keyboard doesn’t make for sensory value. It deprives. I realized that I spent more time with unrecognizable folks (Twitter followers), characters through fiction, and scenes from movies/TV. More of my sensory world is filtered through some form of medium not “live”, like right outside my door, or in the room with me.

Does it make a difference? It sure does.

I think I get more remote and alone the longer I keep up a relationship with media and not people.  I wrote about being a Tourist In My Own Life which implies that I’m just passing through. I am viewing my life like a movie, making bookmarks for the important moments, keeping 6 or more tabs open at the same time trying to keep up. The question is keeping up with what?

Would it matter significantly if I just stopped being involved so externally and concentrated, if just for a short time, on the inside of my consciousness without aid, stimulation or pressure from the outside world? What if I didn’t see my life as a movie but just through my own eyes. A first person encounter without a third person panoramic screen?

How different would I feel connected in that way? Would my reality become richer, more meaningful, less hectic, more focused … ?

Don’t know until I give it a try and on more than one occasion. I’ll let you know in about a month.