Wall Street sign

With all the hoopla about Occupy Wall Street, I have been thinking. Yes, that’s right … thinking. Apparently, Americans don’t do much of it any more. It’s easier to get sucked into the mind numbing propaganda of the folks who are saying this movement is a bunch of unemployed hooligans with an axe to grind with what is the very core of the American soul, and that is greed.

Wait, since corporations are now considered “persons”, I guess my beef with these people is the extortion from the American tax payer for the benefit of the corporation/person. Why did we bailout these people after their bad business strategies, betting on housing deflation while selling options for making the bubble bigger, and awarding the upper echelon with obscene bonuses (paid for by you and me). Who has gained the most at the cost of the most?

The opposition would have you believe that you are Un-American, a spoiler, a socialist if you question the methods of Wall Street. But where has the American dream gone for most people? With debt, jobs lost, unsupported small business owners are looking at what has happened to economic stability as an evaporated dream and now replaced by a nightmare of greedy ghouls. You will never give enough to satisfy Wall Street. Ever.

Start thinking for yourself America. Turn off the television and head out into the world. Talk to people. Ask questions. Educate yourself. Ask yourself if you really need to give away your hard-earned cash to people who have come to expect your bailout.

“Do not go gentle into that goodnight” as the poet Dylan Thomas wrote.