North Bridge, Concord, MA

I live in New England and one truism that describes this climate is “If you don’t like this weather, just wait … it will change.” We say it all the time to explain all the seasonal inconsistencies. It snowed several weeks ago and the next day the temps were in the mid-60s. The weather just seems to struggle like a bipolar episode  in the spring and fall months.

We are in the throes of unseasonably warm weather and with the leaves tenaciously clinging to the trees, the landscape is still colorful. It feels good and right.

Typically, I am not a fan of this particular season. It means dwindling daylight, inclement transitions (snow/sleet), and slow death to the plants. It means letting go of the vegetable garden and patio time. The gas grill looks forlorn braving colder winds. All the outdoor relaxing and enjoyment has to move indoors for now.

But this year, the warm keeps coming back. Still some beach trips, flip flop time, walks along the seashore at night. Last Saturday, I went to Minute Man National Park for some history and the day was splendidly warm. Throngs of people were walking the park and Concord, MA. Everyone was outside again. People were engaged with the historic terrain and the quaint, posh shops in the town of Concord. I like my history served up warm.

I am not looking beyond today for a weather forecast. I am just enjoying this reprieve from winter’s closing fingertips. Living in the moment.