Using time to our advantage seems to work in the reverse unless there is a serious commitment to the project, task, or situation. Minutes pass and nothing is accomplished. Frustration mounts and time ticks. Thoughts are scattered.

Mental organization is an acquired skill for those who don’t come by this ability naturally. It’s the insight to visualize the picture before completing the piece. It’s that projection into the future and backtracking into the present that creates a checklist for the intended outcome. As Stephen Covey would say “Begin with the end in mind”.

Once the end product is known, then identifying the key steps and sub-tasks become easier.  Breaking down the elements creates the level of detail needed to make the project doable.

However, it’s the ability to telescope into the future and backtrack which is the key ingredient. How does that work? When the goal is clear, the path is clear. The more understanding there is about the goal, the sharper the focus of the goal. Defining what is within and outside the scope of the goal pares down the view and the goal becomes your desired outcome.

Some people map out the goal into a pictorial representation to help “see it”. Others may talk through the process and create a video or audio recording of the goal to hear the plan. And, others may know by experience that the goal feels complete especially if it’s result of some internal awareness development.

It takes time to assemble the components of a goal and then deconstruct to develop the details. Harnessing thoughts and ideas into action requires tenacity, experimentation and mental logistics.  Once the goal is real, it’s the commitment to that goal which makes the runner get up in the dark of morning to run, or the writer to write in the wee hours of night, or the teacher to create a learning environment.

How do you notice your level of commit to projects or habits? What do you see when you are creating goals? What do you hear yourself saying?  What do you notice when you feel commitment?