I am a big fan of Halloween. When else can you don a mask, a costume and become a cartoon character, a super hero, or a princess in life? It’s great entertainment for adults who take themselves very seriously. My favorite costume is a Zombie motif because of its dreaded outcome in death: to search for living flesh, dragging wasted and shredded bodies with arms outstretched. Plodding along and working in teams, sheer numbers overcome living creatures. It’s an epic battle, a zombie apocalypse.

But like most things in jest, there is truth behind the joke and play acting. Perhaps, with some subtle changes, it’s about life … real life. Maybe Halloween happens every day for us. Responsibly, we select masks that represent bankers, philosophers, policemen, and we show up for the day. Smiling brightly, we become adoring parents, manage companies, and give religious guidance. But when do we actually appear as ourselves without some prop that defines us for others and for ourselves?

How often are we truly ourselves? Without the paint and varnish. Our own authentic self. How much of our “mask and costume” is really us?

I suspect there are components of “self” in all we display.  It’s not a good or bad kind of judgement. It is more like a “me” versus “other” comparison.

It’s Halloween. Who will you be today? And then tomorrow.