I have watched the Little Drummer Boy West Wing video every day since Thanksgiving. I never really watched this show back in the 90’s; I was too busy. But, something about the message of empathy is so clear in this video, especially in this holiday season.

We have a lot to be thankful for here in the United States. Our ability to make our lives what we need for ourselves and our families. Our “CAN DO” attitude. Our best of the best mentality. Our “sky is the limit” philosophy.

But, what about those who have lost that ability?

Lost the American Dream. Lost a soul to misfortune. Lost a life to someone else’s pursuits. Lost faith in a system or a belief.

Are we called to task for being conspicuously absent in the broader scope of life?

I think about people who have demanded more of themselves in giving to others. Friends who have struggled with illness without regret. The person who is creating out of deep necessity without regard for financial rewards.

I can only hope that I am opening the larger chapter of my life through writing. Writing for those who can’t. Writing for those who should be remembered. Writing for those who need validation. Writing for those who are unrepresented.

These are my gifts to you.