Winter Island Morning


As 2012 wraps up its remaining hours, I am reflecting on the past 365 days for a moment. My immediate reaction is done, over, next, but I have to wonder why I would dismiss all those days with a cavalier wave of the hand. That’s a lot of time.

Matters of Choice

My first internal message is that life is a matter of choice. It may not always feel like it, but it is. You are exactly where you are because of choice. It’s your decision to act, react or run on default. Shakespeare was right … you are either a “Master of your fate or victim of your destiny”. What choices did you make?  I will give myself a better roster of choices for 2013. Count on it.

Openness of Heart

How open or meager have I been with my heart? This is one area in which I feel the need to become more expansive in 2013. If I just pry loose the bands of containment, I think joy would reign. Life wasn’t designed dreary.  Time to open the vault of curiosity.

Sense of Community

I couldn’t be happier or gladder than my communities in 2012. I made some difficult decisions to leave some groups because of vision and commitment, but found a diverse and talented group of people in the Blog Topics Master Class (affiliate) with Chris Brogan. When trust and caring somehow evolve through a completely random set of unknown personalities and into a cohesive, helpful, and committed group, I have to think larger forces were working at hand. I am truly blessed to have joined and embraced this group of talented writers. I am definitely re-visioned for myself through the eyes of others.

Decisions for Discipline

Wishing and hoping don’t make your dreams or goals come true. Every day you have to commit to the work. No short cuts here. It’s the work of your soul. It means something great.

Be Generous

There is no feeling greater than the generosity of someone. That act creates a virtual marker somewhere in the heart for your eternal life. To give is a joy. To receive is immense. Out there today in your life there are people who are being generous with their time, ideas, money and support. Acknowledge it. Cherish it.

So, maybe the past year had merit and moments. Did I learn? Without fail. It’s already 2013 somewhere in the world now and people are celebrating its arrival.

Happy New Year and best wishes on making your personal goals manifest in 2013.