Quick. Before the day is done. Select three words for 2013 as watch words. Three words that will describe, electrify, or illustrate your personal and business goals for 2013. Sounds familiar? It’s a Chris Brogan technique that focuses your actions for the new year.

Here are my three:

Action: The sidelines are mighty cold these days, so jumping into life heats up the attitude and activities for the coming year. Enough dwelling and thinking. Now is the time for action. Move on projects and goals. Act on ideas. Do the work.

Persistence: I am in for the long haul. I have the plan and now is the time to execute. And, I expect to persist because my end game is big. Rich. And my Dream.

Expansive: Enough with the small thinking and doing. It’s a larger story than before. Honor the bigger concept and idea.

Get the hang of it?

Maybe you might like to join a group of committed people for 2013 and make three words your mantra. Check out the Brave New Year (affiliate).