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Are you motivated? Do you have what it takes to close the deal?

Most people who have seen the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” remember the art of selling pitch (adult language) by Alec Baldwin, ABC – Always Be Closing. And that was the way things operated for decades.

Push hard. Make the deal. Reap the reward.

The Truth of Data- Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

In 2009, Daniel Pink wrote a book entitled “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” that proved that money wasn’t the motivator at the core of performance. In fact, the concepts of Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose seemed to propel people into high performance levels without money rewards. It was more important for people to have autonomy in their work, pursue mastery in their field, and gain a sense of purpose.

In the 1990’s, management started to suspect that money was more of a maintainer. I worked for a large, retail corporation and performance reviews were uncoupled from annual goals and objectives creation. At the end of the calendar year (which also was the end of the fiscal year), the management team assembled goals and objectives to support the corporate business plan. Each member of our division was assigned both company and personal achievement goals.

About five months later, our performance review of the preceding year was prepared with our input and financial sums awarded based on overall company performance and personal contribution. Maybe you took some dings, but you got recognized for work done and level of effort. It worked.

Selling is Human DNA

Fast forward to today and Daniel Pink has written another book “To Sell Is Human”. In this interview with Jonathan Fields, Pink delivers astonishing data that demonstrates that most people in the work force sell in some capacity. Sales is now almost a peer-to-peer relationship between the buyer and seller. As result of the internet and access to data, the level of integrity has increased in the transaction of goods or service for a resource.

The interchange between the buyer and seller has more of a relational aspect because often times pricing is not at the core of the transaction. It is the value added by the business relationship.

Watch the interview and understand how sales has evolved from snake oil to service. With the dramatic shift into sales at every position within a company, a more genuine and organic experience results with the fine art of sales.