Scaffolding. Infrastructure. Framework. Those are all words to describe the pieces in place for buildings to stand, technology to support a business, and ideas to develop.

But what do you call the ideas, things and structure that make up a life?

Since the underpinnings of buildings, businesses, and technology have a direct impact on the strength of the structure, the impact of ideas, and the design of a framework, life’s underpinnings serve as a host for self creation.

Our values dictate our engagement with ourselves and with others. Are we in alignment with our inner guidance or not?

Our soul is the base from which our non-physical self manifests as spirit. Our thought creations give the spark for design and substance.

And, our bodies house the framework as a tangible connection between our values and spirit.

So, how’s your personal infrastructure doing? Are you aligned within and without? Are you made of sturdy stuff? Let me know. I’d like to read your view on life’s underpinnings.