Winter Woods

Slush. That combination of melting snow and water. Delightful. You say no?

This morning I took the dog out for a walk, a real walk despite the miserable weather. In fact, I selected this walk for today because it’s crappy out. I’m a summer soul and this time of year really weighs heavy on my endorphins. But I started reading Chris Brogan’s new book, It’s Not  About the Tights and something he wrote made my cortex light up (figuratively speaking although I am sure that my neurons were creating sparks).

It’s all about the actions you take. Sidelines don’t count. Why am I waiting for a better day?

So, here’s a sample of my manifesto in creation.

Work My Best Time

I am not a morning person. My circadian rhythm works best at night, in the dark. I will not force my natural being into a one size fits all pair of tights. Yeah, I am learning to write anywhere at any time but my best ideas percolate when my brain is fully firing. Work with your best body time. Period.

Tune Out the Noise

It’s time to disconnect the background noise and distractions. A fellow blogger, Grant Webster, wrote this post  and it encapsulated why so many people are not pushing their work … too many options for distraction. TED Talks is on a timeout for me.

I look at my daily email accounts, multiple platforms I check for “information”, connections I try to keep up. “Create production for every minute” is the message I get from all the folks who work their work.

I’ve got digital tools reminding me, timing me out, alerting me, emitting various tones, and oh, yeah, human interruptions.

I didn’t plan on the walk this morning. It wasn’t in my calendar. It took away moments from something else.

But smelling slush was my biggest “a ha” moment. I am the one who is in charge of my time. Always. Just say no. I am not a weak-willed person. Period.

Don’t Dwell in the Valley of the Shadow

It’s clear to me now that I need to retrench. I am spread too thin. I need to answer the question “What do I Want?” . I know this; I’m not sticking around in this morass of what I should do to trend better, open-rate best, rank higher, or increase my followers by 20K in ten days. Read Scott Stratten’s post on the best time to never send email.

Some of it is like chasing contrails. Give me slush.

I am consciously selecting my support system. Those folks and services that mesh with me and can help with my personal project. I don’t have bandwidth for more than one mission. Period.

Make My Mission Clear

Over the next few weeks, I am solidifying my project. It’s time for action.  I will continue to seek unplanned slush time. If I have to say goodbye to some people and activities, so be it. It might be for a while, or maybe a life time.

It’s not a harsh goodbye or a willful severing. It’s about doing what is important to me. Period.