Left Turn Sign


I finally read the sign that has been in this spot for over forty years. And, I became alarmed. I was suddenly aware that I may have misinterpreted this sign for a significant part of my adult life.

I thought the sign meant that a left turn is permitted only between the hours of 7 to 9 AM Monday through Friday. You must turn right at all other times. Really, that is what is on the sign. However, my daughter had a different idea.

Turning in both directions, left and right, is permitted at all times except those listed on the sign.

Amazing. I had never thought of that option. In fact, I was silently berating myself for taking a left after 9 AM.

Her interpretation opens up my driving options. And, I realized my thinking was so narrow. I haven’t validated her opinion about the sign with the local police department but I discovered how my view expanded with her understanding.

How often does this happen in life? And with much more important decisions?

Where else am I interpreting life signs too narrowly? What if I opened up my understanding?

This example of misinterpretation also made me think about what kind of signs I tell. Am I ambiguous or narrowly defined? Do I force people to interpret what I say because I am not clear?

How about you? Do you have signs that aren’t clear?