Flare_and_after-flare_prominenceHave you noticed? The sun is sending large flares off into the cosmos as part of its cycle. We don’t really notice or do we?

There is some thought that we are affected by these roiling masses of energy. More from a personal manifestation. Some believe that we are energetically affected by the disruption to magnetic fields and wavelengths. We may physically become ill or overwhelmed. Our thinking might be laser-like or unfocused.

By scientific definition, a solar flare is a build up of energy that releases radiation and light into the cosmos. After a flare, a CME or a Coronal Mass Ejection typically follows. That is a massive ejection of energy –  electrons, ions and atoms through the corona of the sun and into space. This activity has a solar cycle of about every eleven years.

What Do Solar Flares Have To Do With You?

It’s a cycle of time. You too have a cycle of time or a circadian rhythm to your life. We get twenty-four hours in a day. There is a cycle of wakefulness and sleep. Work and relax. Eat and fast.

There is a larger anticipated life cycle: birth, adolescence, adulthood, old age, death. While that is more the traditional life cycle, it may not apply to all. We develop as beings, acquire skills and knowledge, experience emotions, and create. And, if we dive down into a particular phase in our life, it will have a cycle of its own.

For example, if you have a business you know the cycle of development, launch, refine, execute, and then maybe sell (death). Today, I read Danielle LaPorte’s post about grief . It is important to accept that death is a part of life. As the bible says “To everything there is a season”.

As we create, there is a momentum to our thoughts and actions. We are inspired and produce. We flare our art into the cosmos. And, then we retract and refine or build up anew. Maybe our idea gets some traction and results in a book, a line of products or services, or adds to a larger project.

It might fail. And, then you will decide what is next.

The Magic of Renewal

Life doesn’t wait for things to be right. Life creates, dies, and recreates its cycle.   We have flares and we have dormant times.

If we get trapped in one particular phase of our cycle, we don’t honor the natural rhythm of renewal. It’s best to feel the pain of loss and grieve. To rejoice a birth. To absorb the downtime. To assess the progress. To finally let go.

Where are you in various cycles of your life? Your work? Your relationships? Your inner self? Is it time to let go?

I’d like to thank Lisa Weikel for her quiet guidance which served as the basis for writing this post.