Burning bomb

I just got off the phone with a friend who is at the end of her rather short rope. It’s about a bad situation that has no immediate end. It’s about her perspective.

While we all would rather travel through life blissfully unaware of any travesties or “bad situations”, they do occur. Whether in our control or not, all we can do is manage our own thoughts and behaviors in reaction to the situation.

Help Yourself With A Reframe

What’s a reframe? It’s making the best of a bad situation.

For example, when you receive the notice that you didn’t get the job you wanted or you haven’t gained traction on a business service you developed, you have a choice. Feel bad or readjust that disappointment with a reframe.

Make the loss or negative feeling into a gain for yourself personally or professionally. Not easy I know. And the situation probably is making you feel bad, inadequate or depressed. A double whammy of unsupportive feelings.

Letting the Solution Develop

Go ahead and feel those genuine emotions for a day or a week at the max. I say feel it because ignoring what you know in your head and heart will let the negative energy build. Examine your emotions and thoughts thoroughly.

Once you have felt your disappointment, fear, or whatever maybe causing you to feel less than the amazing person you know you are, end it with a reframe. You have all the needed facts to create your reframe solution from feeling those emotions and hearing your self talk. Flip the dialog.

The Reframe

The reframe takes the existing situation and turns the message into a positive mindset. The missed job opportunity may be a great hint to practice your interview skills which may lead to a better opportunity.

The relationship failure may be just what you needed to assess your criteria for a perfect partner.  There are all kinds of ways you can adjust your thinking to work for you and not against you.

If you think you don’t have a solution for your reframe, pretend you are someone who you think is really good at creating better options. What would he/she do in this situation? Use that information to formulate your reframe.

Take Action

Yup, taking action is the hardest and best part. Once you have established your reframe, move on it. Thinking is nice but action leads to change. Dwelling doesn’t build choices or options and you are just too creative to get caught in a cycle of woe.

We are made to create and experience and adjust. It’s the same process in a business, a relationship or our passion.

Making the best of a bad situation leads to a more generous view of ourselves and creates better options on how we adjust to changes.

Let me know how you handle making the best of a bad situation.