autumn leaves

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven …” Ecclesiastes 3

I don’t know about you but I am a summer person. Something about the sunlight, warmth, and energy of nature coming to full blossom. I just vibrate with life. The time of year just radiates movement and expansiveness.

So, when September creeps into the calendar, the weather is still warm and lush but there is a nip of cooler air in the morning, fog, and the subtle shift into decay. The garden vegetables are making their last stand. The trees bear signs of spent leaves. The hours of daylight diminish.

It’s like the end of a great party and the last guests make for the exits.

“Time And Tide Wait For No Man”

I have come to realize that holding on to a time, a place, or a relationship makes for painful living. All the personal resources invested in keeping something just as it was. That cherished moment is nothing more than a point in time. Yes, there are definite emotions wrapped around the instance that have made the event indelible.

But the inevitable happens. The glow of the moment fades with time. The recollection changes. It might soften. Details omitted or new interpretations installed.

In business, you can’t rest on your laurels. You have to constantly be aware of trends or something new in the market place and how this affects your company. Or ever better, be the agent of some radically new product or service. Some brilliant companies like Polaroid and Borders didn’t notice that their season had passed.

In the world of sports, the aging star athlete loses a match. A season has passed.

Relentless Change

The cycle of change always makes a path for rebirth. A next time. A new idea. Whether we like being on the wheel of change is not the point. It’s what you do to make change your friend. Your accomplice. Your partner.

Working with change creates opportunity and openness for possibility. Sure, visit the past but don’t set up camp in the land of has been. There is so much more waiting.

There are four seasons. Each has wonderful aspects – and a purpose under heaven.

Have you embraced change? Where in your life have you been trying to live a single season? What is it about the time, person, or thing that makes you cling to the past? How has it served you?