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My daughter sometimes enlightens me like a comet.

We were discussing how I am finally releasing my stuff from storage and going to either sell, donate or trash the possessions that have been sequestered for several years now. I have paid several times over the replacement value for the stuff.

A piano. An old style television container made of wonderful cherry wood. Waterford crystal. Linens. First grade art work. Books. Stuff.

I was struggling with that decision until my daughter recalled a scene from the film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade“, the one in which Sean Connery plays Indy’s dad. Indiana is attempting to reach the chalice of eternal life while being held from death by his father. Elsa, another character, had just fallen to her death trying to salvage the chalice in the earlier scene.

Sean Connery says, “Indiana, let it go.”  There is a moment of realization that he, Indiana, must give up trying to recover the chalice and save his own life otherwise be doomed like Elsa.

I remembered the scene vividly. The loss of the historic chalice weighed against his own life.

I faced having to let it go … the stuff that has given me a sense of history. The life I used to have decades ago. It is an anchor to my past. But, like an anchor, you can’t really go anywhere. Never venturing that far from the anchor’s circle.

I don’t want that.

Where in your life do you have to “Let It Go”? Are you circling the same territory? Stuck in the same water, never setting sail?

Time to let it go?