Waiting for something to happen is tedious and puts your life in the hands of others. Really. Are you content knowing that someone or something has your life in limbo just because?

Stop being passive in your own destiny. I hear people bemoan and point to other people and circumstances as the reason they lack, didn’t make it, or failed.

Look Inward First 

All the planning in the world won’t do a thing until you move. Until you take that first step. Until you own it. You have everything you need to make the decision to change. But you have to act on that decision. No excuses.

It’s Simple

Once you get that you are the person who decides how you will live, act and speak, then it is simple. Speak your truth. Act your truth.

The Hard Part Is The Introspection

You know what I am talking about. The uncomfortable place where you meet your worst fears. The silent time knowing yourself.  Crying time over loss. Curiosity for what you don’t know. Reassessment of what you value most in life.

Decide today to do something for yourself. Be a participant in the life you breathe. Act every day in a way that supports who you are and mean it.

Do something today. No excuses.