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We are nearing the great feast of Thanksgiving. What does it mean for you? Family? Friends? Football? Parades? A day off?

Originally, it was a time to celebrate all the abundance we have. The abundance of food. Our initiative and hard work to place that food upon a table. Family and friends to share in that abundance. It was communal and thankful.

It is interesting that the theme of abundance pervades this holiday yet we have made it a hallmark of scarcity. You are probably thinking I am way off the mark with that remark. Scarcity? Hardly. But let’s look at what this bountiful holiday spirit has become.

There are some retailers who have jumped  into Thanksgiving as a prequel to Black Friday. Now, while you eat your turkey, you can check your shopping list. You can load up on carbs to propel you through marathon shopping later in the day. The deals are time limited. You don’t want to miss out on all the SAVINGS.

Scarcity driving fear.

Instead of the holiday spirit of abundance, there is the anxiety of fulfilling that list.  And, who gains? Well, you … you can save big dollars on stuff. Stuff. Things. Wants. What marketers want to sell to you. Big abundance for the marketers.

And what do you lose?

The abundance of time spent with family and friends. The sharing of a meal meant to celebrate the harvest of the year. Something so earthy and genuine you cannot price it. The simple joy of a meal.

Which version will you pick? Abundance or scarcity?