Some of you may be familiar with the practice of selecting three words to act as beacons for the New Year.  Chris Brogan is the guy who first introduced this concept in one of his blogs some time ago (read his three words).

This year I struggled with the third and last word but here they are:

Deliberate – Consciously make decisions. Allow myself the time to assess what is the next step. No more knee-jerk reactions to situations or environments. I have the power to decide for myself. That doesn’t mean I won’t consult with others, but the decision is mine. 

I think this word comes from a place of control and not fear.

Intentional – And that sounds a lot like deliberate but it means I place some intention with the decision. For example, I believe that intention sets the tone for the action. I will have a fabulous day and surprise … I do. It is creating the experience before I actually have it. There is an element of spirit that accompanies my deliberate choices.

Wordsworth– No, not the poet but the words I write are worthy. I set up a daily writing goal to keep true to this word. I am writing a book that has taken on the feel of a relationship. Some days I am happy with the relationship and other days it looks like divorce court. By being deliberate in my writing, adding intention, my relationship with the process creates words worth reading.

Even when this book is complete, there are other ones waiting in the wings. A new relationship to create, nurture and publish. So, there you have it. The 2014 words Deliberate, Intentional, and Wordsworth.

What are your three words for 2014?