Masses of people gather to participate in a "rose march" in honour of the victims of Friday's bomb attack and shooting massacre, outside Oslo City HallAccording to my Google search, the definition of leadership is “the action of leading a group of people or an organization”. Very simple and direct. The important concept is the verb in that definition – action. Leadership is not passive. 

Qualities of Leadership

If leadership is the action of leading then decisive action must take place. Direction is given and modeled. It is the display of behavior wanted in others. You have heard it before “Lead by Example.” Whatever you want from people … good employees, parishioners, or team members, the leader’s DNA has all the desired behavior. The behavior is visible, consistent, and communicated.

Not easy if one takes shortcuts. Shortcuts get around the learning experience of desired behavior. If you are running a marathon, you need to run 26.2 miles. Not one step less. Otherwise, you haven’t run a marathon.

In the Absence of Leadership

When there isn’t a leader, a team or organization flounders because people coming together for a common purpose can function in a self-directed way but when the going gets tough or if there is doubt, the group looks for direction. The group craves direction. The leader reaffirms purpose and provides that support toward the goal.

Are You A Leader

What makes a good leader? Special training? Advanced education?

I think the best question is do you have internal gift of purpose?  Are you someone who can visualize your outcome? Are you comfortable with claiming your role and having difficult conversations with people who are straying from the goal? Can you instill in others your belief for a positive change by your actions? Can you rise above chaos and create a place of peace for yourself and others?

The important piece of leadership is that leadership is not only for the benefit of self but rather for the greater good of all. Are you that generous?