My daughter recently sent me a link to a post about Eileen Fisher designs and how that relationship of style (or no style for some critics) and a series of life long impressions connect together for something larger than fashion. It’s here for you to read and enjoy.

My daughter wrote, “It reminds me of you.”

I am delighted in a misty kind of emotional way. Somehow in all those days when my daughter was a little girl, her impression of me revolved around my personal taste and style. My deep attention to black, shades of grey and off white accents somehow touched a familiar place for her growing up with my wardrobe choices. I sense there was comfort in those remembrances.

I suspect I have influenced her greatly in many other ways … more important ways like living with integrity, cultivating personal satisfaction, and exhibiting empathy for others. But what keeps returning to me in conversations with my daughter is how I presented myself to the world.

A capable woman.

A woman dressed in Eileen Fisher.