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Burning bomb

With all the positive mantras, posts on Facebook and Instagram, and personal self talk, how do you reconcile disappointment in a world slanted toward the positive interpretation of life’s events? We say “It was for the better” when offering up condolences. We write “For every door that closes, another one opens”. We think “Everything has a reason”.

Aren’t we denying that sometimes life just sucks?  That what happened just now in your life is a source of bitter tears. That the loss of someone so dear has no words of comfort.  That a crushed hope staggers the soul.

I want to feel anger, sadness, and fear because it is part of our nature. To avoid these feelings robs us of the full range of life events. Think about it. If I didn’t sense fear, then I would not recognize challenges and opportunities to excel, to be vulnerable, to risk for success or failure.

Theodore Roosevelt wrote this:

” … who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Living on the edge is uncomfortable. It requires full participation. It is total vulnerability. It is outside the comfort zone of most people. Why do it? You may be disappointed. You may fail. You may lose. Or maybe experience life in its true fullness.

What are you doing in your life now that causes you to feel the full impact of living? Are you cold and timid or hot and bold?

Failure and success are a part of life. Experience both to its fullest and you have built a rich life.


6700482-Portland_Airport_at_Sunset_Tower_Parking_Lots_Portland(Portland Airport at Sunset)

Last night I was rushing from work to get to the local grocery store and then to a cookout. Bam. Bam. Bam. Until I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets stretching over the parking lot. The sky was rosy pink with bits of orange. Just spectacular.

While looking at the sky, I noticed how pleasant the air smelled. I heard the dull drone of traffic from behind a stand of trees. And, because it was an open mall, music was broadcast for the shoppers. I don’t remember the tune.

And then it hit me …

This is like a movie where the main character has an epiphany while the world chugs along uncaring. There was a deep visual quality of the sunset over all the parked cars. And music to help frame the scene.

Here I was in my own movie except it is my life.

It’s like traveling to a foreign land and only looking through the lens of a camera at all the wondrous sights. Taking videos  so you’ll remember how great this moment was without actually experiencing it.

Later when you return to your home, you’ll share your moments. Review them. Savor where you have been. Years later, maybe forget where it was taken.

But were you really there? Has the moment etched into your being on a conscious level or were you just on autopilot saving your “conscious moments” for the really important stuff?

Are you living your life or acting in it?

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