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I just returned from a memorial service for a very dear woman. Not to be sullen and sad, her husband (my former) read a four page list, dated 2005, of things to do while she was on a business trip. She was noted for her organizational command and lack of brevity. We laughed at the assigned tasks, the minutia, and the veiled hints at areas for closer examination (the mound of mail left on the office desk may include bills). A quick witted woman with an expansive sense of humor, she found a reason to laugh with the human condition (not at it).

And, yesterday, I discovered her prolific presence in my life by her digital footprints.

She will no longer share her recipes and our daughter’s wedding plan PINS on Pinterest. A foodie, she had an amazing awareness of leading edge culinary delights. Tasteful, she had a deep sense of tradition with enough oddities to create a style of her own.

She will no longer work at her job although she remains in my LinkedIn contacts list. Her long list of skills and accomplishments seem so fresh and valuable. A headhunters’ dream.

She will no longer post photos of family, dogs, cats, camping, and other curiosities on her Facebook page. The light banter has ceased. Nothing new to like. The timestamps are all in the past collecting digital dust.

Yet, these digital footprints remind me of her in a kind and gentle way. As if she was still here with us. Vibrant.

I wonder if someday she will be digitally erased. I hope not. I like revisiting her thoughts, ideas and heroic humor. I mentally walk with her on our electronic path, leaving our digital footprints for others to cherish.

Remembering you, Beth.


The gauntlet has been thrown down.  Pick three books, read and reread them for an entire year. Chris Brogan has tossed the challenge out there for folks to commit by Nov 1. After that date, you get one week to change just one choice. The reason for the call out is too often we read books and fail to carry out changes based on what we have read. We race off to the next book for more clues and hints on how to gain change in our life. Concentrating on just three books gives the opportunity to ponder and implement over the course of one year. Are you game?

I selected one book that is brand new to me and two others that have languished on the shelf waiting for me.

And here are my #3BD selections:

The Impact Equation: Are You Making Things Happen or Just Making Noise by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

I am a devotee of Chris Brogan and his philosophy about business. This book is a bigger and broader work that details how your message can be crafted for various platforms and largest reach. It’s vastly more than social media. It’s business, marketing and relationship. Looking forward to reading this one almost immediately.

The Dreaming Universe by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

I have been a fan of Dr. Wolf for some time. I think it’s that quirky combination of science and the mind. He had me with his Taking the Quantum Leap: The New Physics for Non-Scientists book. I get delight from reading his work and trying to understand quantum mechanics.

The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail by Clayton M. Christensen

This book has been on the shelf and I am committing my undivided attention to what this great business thought leader has to say.

So, there’s my three. Are you in?

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