I love writing.

It’s a soul-shaking endeavor because one has to put thoughts, ideas and feelings out for public consumption. And, that is scary. Of all accomplishments I have ever done, sharing my writing through my blog has been a roller coaster ride of emotions: relief, frustration, and peace. Sometimes happening all together.

I think it’s a healthy stretch for anyone who enjoys words and seeks engagement with the reader. If you are ready for a challenge, here are two courses I took with Chris Brogan. With his relaunch of the Blog Topics Master Class, Chris has refined the weekly content and assignments which are  more specific with deliverables  (writing, discipline, more discipline and hitting the publish button).

I worked hard on the assignments and Chris is always there for support.

Writing Courses

Graduate: Blog Topics Master Class with Chris Brogan. The essentials of blogging for business.

Current: Write Your Book Already with Chris Brogan (in process of completing).

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